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It does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners!

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Stevia LUX COFFEE 3in1 is the first soluble coffee beverage with natural sweetener Stevia.

The unique taste of this drink is due to the original recipe developed and experimened for years.
Stevia LUX COFFEE 3in1 is combination of 2 types of quality coffee – robusta and arabica with stevia and inulin, and the known cream in a pleasant balanced combination.


It is available in two types:

  • CLASSIC – for people who like their coffee sweeter and more cream flavor
  • ACTIVE – for those who prefer the dominant bitter taste of quality coffee with less sweetness.

These products do not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.


3in1 Coffee Stevia LUX has a low glycemic index and is perfect for a good mood, active and healthy life!


The price is for a box of 24 pieces.