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Stewia LUX is the first chain of Stevia sweet shops in Bulgaria that does not use sugar.

Stewia LUXThe whole range of delicious cakes, chocolates, cakes and other sweets, sweetened with useful and sweet Stevia. The products are not only useful but also very-very delicious, and the sweetness is natural and perfectly enough.

And the most important is the unique way of preparing our confectionery products provides perfect sweetness without specific bitterness taste of the plant Stevia.

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The classic style at confectionery combines traditional and innovative recipes.

We work only with natural quality products. We do not use sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Our Bakers and Cake Decorators are specially trained to work with Stevia, and their skills provide the highest quality products for our customers.

You will remember the unique flavor of our products for whole life long.

Our Sweet shop elegant décor and homey atmosphere, creates a good mood. And especially they are unique because all of our products are prepared without sugar.

Visit our Stevia LUX Sweet shop and enjoy our magnificent desserts. Also you can do a lovely and delicious gift for yourself and your friends.

We are ready to produce and realize all your ideas and dreams!

You can order online all our products. In our terms of ordering and delivery, you can find information which of them can be supplied throughout the country and which – just within the city of Sofia.

We also offer catering services of all our products, whose range has been expanding in recent years as we introduce our own development of gluten-free and healthy foods.

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About Stevia

Useful and sweet Stevia is a new hit in confectionery. It is a South American plant known and used by the Ancient Incas long time ago. Already this plant re-emerged in bits and gives a chance to all those who are addicted to sweet treats and have a problem with consumption of too much sugar or artificial sweeteners.

It is well known and all of us aware of the damage from the usage of white sugar and more and more researches provide this. Excessive consumption of sugar products and sweets is one of the main reasons for obesity and it also leads to some very serious diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease and many others.
Most people are not ready to give up sweet bias and that is understandable, because the sweet products creates a feeling of bliss, comfort and peace. It is well known that the sugar stimulate the production of pleasure and happiness hormones and when people stop the consummation of sweets very often we can reach the condition of bad mood, depression suppression and aggressiveness.

And now we have an alternative – natural Stevia, with no calories, delicious and at the same time healthy.

Experts call it “miraculous sugar”. Besides their temptingly delicious taste, all our cakes, candies, chocolates pralines and truffles, puddings etc. sweetened with Stevia are distinguished by their fine sweetness which is not only unobtrusive but also reinforces the natural taste and flavor of other ingredients.

Our products have one more advantage – the sense of airiness and lightness they create during consumption – there is no feeling of heaviness or overeating after having enjoyed them.

Stevia is the only all-natural sweetener in the world whose calories, carbohydrates and glycemic index are equal to zero.

It means that eating foods sweetened with Stevia significantly reduces the accumulation of overweight and do not increase blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Moreover the consumption of Stevia products reduces the feeling of hunger and the need for more sweet foods.

According to the results of prolonged research of replacement the sugar in production with Stevia, leads to improvement of general health status. Not surprisingly, in Japan, the artificial sweeteners are prohibited. In Japan over 50% of products are sweetened with Stevia and the average life expectancy is higher.

Stevia is very suitable for people with poor nutrition, who consume insufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables.